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Shop Fitting Furniture

Smart designed shops manage to close the sale just through the way they are decorated. We design and produce shop fitting furniture that attracts customers into your store, makes them live a pleasant experience and persuades them to become loyal friends of your brand.

In a competitive market, when the customers can choose between hundreds of stores in the same shopping gallery, the looks say it all. Neat, fine cut designs, warm colors and the right combination of light on your products will make the client associate subconsciously your products and brand with his / her own aspiration for quality and comfort. This is the message provided by the shop fitting furniture we deliver.

We don’t just pick up shop fitting furniture from our catalogues and drop it into your store. We analyze you brand visibility, your products range, even your personality as a store owner before proposing you designs that you will fall in love with.

Our designers spend hundreds of hours in shopping galleries and malls living the real shopping experience before creating shop fitting furniture designs that will add beauty and functionality to your brand image and exquisite comfort for the customers who enter your stores.

Please check our portfolio of completed projects in shop fitting furniture so that you can see that originality, state-of-the-art design and innovation is at the center of everything we do. Last but not least, you will be a part of our creation strategy: we will inspire together the way your shop will look like, we will redefine and reposition your brand on the highest level of aesthetic performance.

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Office Furniture


Metric knows the essence of what an office should transmit as a corporate space open to the public. Functional design, corporate powerful image and comfort for your employees are the main criteria we respect when offering you the office furniture you need.

Functional office furniture design must accommodate many people in an often tight space. Each square meter of rented office space in a business building must be used in the smartest way possible to ensure quality of your business processes. Few business owners think about the functional element in the way their offices are built and arranged. Over the years we came up with some interesting approaches in office furniture and we can show you how you can master functionality principles within your working area.

Corporate image starts at your reception and is defined by every desk, meeting table or hall in your office building. All businesses want to communicate a powerful image of quality and stability to the business partners that enter the office but also the correct message of your office furniture should be that of transparency, openness to the public, human touch and respect for community.

We have seen so many medical companies’ offices that look like banks, and so many public government offices that resemble police stations. Choosing office furniture is not just a matter of price and quality. Office furniture should also reflect the spirit of your business and make a statement of what your business vision is.

Business owners should also think about their employees. Your people spend more than a third of their lives in the office you provide. Thus the office is not just a working space but a living space as well. Functionality and comfort is a must have when you choose the furniture that people use in the office for many years from now on.

At Metric Production, we care for your budget, for your brand statements and employees’ comfort when we design and create your office furniture.


Furniture for Public Spaces

A conference center, a public institution, a terrace, a club, a movie theatre – public spaces are defined in many ways. Metric Production has experience in creating original designs for all kind of public spaces. We provide the best furniture for public spaces, the highest resistant materials, we combine forms and colors for memorable experience for all the visitors of such locations.

Durability and hygiene are the main qualities that public space furniture must ensure, and our products serve the challenging projects for locations with frequent public traffic. Warranty for the entire work and endurance over time is the trade mark of our public space projects.

Metric creates the design, prepares the order, delivers and assembles complex projects of public spaces furniture for buildings, municipalities or private companies that need to furnish public spaces. We control the supply chain for materials, supervise production and delivery, and offer the most competitive cost controlled budgets in relation to the final results. If you want to design a “viral” public space that will attract and impress visitors, Metric Production is the most suitable partner you will find.

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Furniture for Hotels


A project for furnishing an entire hotel is one of the most challenging works that any furniture production will ever experience. Hotel furniture will need to respect tight budgets, impress through designs and finishing, offer comfort and durability.

We can sustain tight delivery schedules and budgets of hotel furniture because we can process big volume orders with minimum losses and good efficiency in production, all with a premium quality control system.

We will give you designs that impress your visitors as we customize the hotel furniture you need based on the building features of your hotel and not just on the models available in our catalogues.

We offer comfort and durability by choosing the quality that will guarantee long term flawless functionality for all the hotel furniture pieces that you choose. Metric has the knowledge, the capabilities and the experience to furnish your hotel from A to Z in the most competitive commercial terms.

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