22 years ago Metric started in 200 square meters rented space as a furniture production site. Today we operate in two production facilities on more than 12,000 square meters with offices, production lines, warehouse,  design studios and high performance industrial machinery. We specialized our furniture production sites as follows:

Republica furniture production site

– 3,000 square meters out of which 2,500 are dedicated for production lines and warehouse;

– Complex design production for unique orders or small series production;

– Fully customized furniture products, original designs, exquisite finishing that requires special skills and talent of our workers;

– In this location we process special materials like glass, composite materials, metal, acryl, compact HPL, etc.

Magurele furniture production site

– 9,000 square meters furniture production facility;

– Specialized in medium and large scale series production on industrial scale;

– Perfectly designed to produce orders on our export contracts (large quantities, tight delivery schedules);

– Accurate quality control systems;

– Modern technology and equipment ready to maintain quality for each piece and article;

– Furniture production systems focused on quality, high efficiency in costs and premium results for high demanding customers.

We welcome our partners and customers to visit our offices and furniture production sites and see the quality standards we use, the technical equipment, our samples in the showroom and the dedication of our company team.

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